Portable and Mobile Air Compressors

For Construction and Other Applications On The Move

At Champion Air Tech, we have developed our CPM-Series of completely portable screw compressors. Championing the compressed air market, our CPM-Series are a powerful alternative to electrical tools, with a long service life and unmatched reliability in the field. You can stay one step ahead with these easy-to-operate, high-performance portable systems that thrive even in challenging working environments. Our CPM-Series has a variety of sizes and pressures to support a wide range of applications, including powering pneumatic hand and air tools, as well as repair and installation jobs. We offer a smaller range (CPM-Series P6-B9) ideal for carrying with you on-site and a larger range (CPM-Series P21-P31), which are towable versions of our portable screw air compressors.

The air flows of our range of portable screw compressors vary from 0.8 m3/min to 27 m3/min, with a pressure range of between 5 and 24 bar, making them flexible to a range of different on and off-site applications. They are all fully equipped with an easy-start electric start control, so you can get to work as quickly as possible. All of our low-noise portable air compressors are also cordless, making them more compact, ensuring efficient transportation and easy storage.

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