Genuine Spare Parts For Your Air Compressor

By using only genuine spare parts, you are using components manufactured to the highest specifications, while using non-genuine parts could lead to an expensive break down at a later date.

Genuine spare parts have passed strict endurance tests and are proven to provide the best protection for your investment and offer the best value, guaranteed. Our extensive global network of Champion distributors will also ensure that your parts arrive in the quickest possible time.

Filters and Separators
Dust and dirt contaminate the compressor oil, which can lead to damage or performance losses for the screw rotors and airend housings. It can also lead to damage of the airend bearings, and damage to these vital components can be very expensive.

Champion filters are composed of specific filter elements, with features including high-grade filtration efficiency and temperature resistance. Champion Air Filters are designed so that they allow the volume of air to flow freely into the machine whilst giving maximum protection against dust particles. Champion Oil Filters are high performance and are composed of specific filter elements designed to withstand high operating pressures. Champion Oil Separators offer extremely low oil carryover combined with low-pressure differentials. This means better air quality and minimal operating costs due to lower oil consumption and longer service life of the fine filters installed in your compressor.

Service Kits
Our Champion Service Kits provide all the parts you need in a single box. These cost effective maintenance solutions allow you to plan compressor maintenance in advance – avoiding nasty surprises or missing vital parts for a specific service or breakdown. No more wasting time searching for and ordering separate spare parts when you need them, the kits contain only genuine Champion parts – avoiding the risk of installing parts that may resemble the originals, but are not guaranteed to do the same job.

Lubricants are a key component of any lubricated rotary compressor. Too often this vital element of the compressor package is misunderstood and undervalued by the machine owner. The temptation to look for cheaper alternatives often replaces prudence and common sense, leading to poor performance and costly repairs.

Our range of Champion approved lubricants are formulated with carefully selected base oils and additives, which enables it to achieve longer compressor running hours. These lubricants last remarkably long in Champion compressor tests whilst safeguarding energy efficiency and compressor cleanliness. This range of high-performance lubricants are specifically designed to meet and exceed the operating requirements of all oil-injected rotary screw compressors, ensuring that you benefit from the enhanced peace of mind and all-round protection that our Champion approved lubricants bring. Use of Champion approved lubricants supports the machine owner’s participation in the warranty programme – no other lubricants can offer you this protection.

Quality Spare Parts_Extras
Using only genuine Champion spare parts will prolong the life of your compressor and keep it running at peak efficiency