Air Compressors for Craftsmen and Light Industrial Applications

Our range of piston compressors are designed to cover all the possible professional uses of compressed air, from the small craftsman to light industry. They are rugged, technologically advanced, easy to use and include a vast range of solutions in a variety of forms and sizes. Our philosophy has always identified and associated us with long-lasting, high-quality products, and our range of piston compressors includes:

  • Single-cylinder, single-stage with direct transmission for smaller powers, suitable for semi-professional use
  • Two-cylinder, single-stage with belt transmission for use in workshops
  • Two-cylinder, two-stage with belt transmission for industrial use

The fourth utility behind your daily process

Choosing a two-stage model option guarantees lower working temperatures due to a cooling manifold between the first and second compression stage, which consequently offers a higher air delivery – this is obtained by dividing the compression phase into two stages (two cylinders with different volumes). Other important characteristics that distinguish this line of compressors are:

  • A lower number of rounds of the pumping unit
  • Low noise level
  • Correct ratio between the size of the unit, motor power and tank capacity