Silent, Quiet and Low Noise Air Compressors

What are silent air compressors and where are they used ?

Silent air compressors are systems that are designed for quiet, silent or low-noise operation. This requires an efficient design with noise insulation and effective lubrication to absorb any noise produced by the compressed air system. These compressors are often used to eliminate sound output within a working environment, to provide silent or less noisy conditions. Silent air compressors are a popular choice for smaller working environments, such as in a garage or workshop, but are also favoured on construction sites and even in certain factory environments to limit noise.

What’s the difference between silent, low noise, and ultra-quiet?

Different terminology is used to describe the amount of noise reduction different compressor technologies offer. When selecting equipment, you should consider your application requirements and ensure the specification offers the most appropriate noise level for your intended use. Noise is measured by decibel rating (dB) - louder equipment will have a higher dB rating.

As a general guideline, the below measurements reflect different sound levels:

  • 40 dB is considered low noise, many small air compressors designed for domestic or light workshop jobs will be able to offer this, this is the equivalent volume of a humming refrigerator.
  • 60 dB is considered the optimum air compressor noise level and is roughly the same volume as a normal conversation between 2 people.
  • 85 dB and over could become hazardous to personnel and staff if exposed for long periods of time, this is around the same noise level as a noisy restaurant.

Low noise compressor for paint spray
Paint spraying using a low noise air compressor

Why should you choose a silent air compressor?

Silent air compressor used in various industries

In many industries, the characteristic sound of machinery and rushing air is not feasible. For those who regularly work in close proximity with compressor equipment, noisy compressor installations can pose a real issue.

The sound of moving air, churning mechanisms, and general industrial disruption, when exposed to for around eight hours a day, can be quite harmful. For one, noisy compressor installations can interfere with communications and performance. Staff may find it difficult to communicate or understand auditory signals.

This can have a negative effect on health and safety and put employees at risk. Additionally, loud working environments can decrease morale, lead to a sense of isolation, and reduce the efficiency of your personnel.

Furthermore, loud compressors may affect your ability to position the equipment near point of use, which is critical for certain industries such as dental, garage, and workshop. Especially noisy products may require you to implement acoustic barriers in your compressor room, requiring additional costs and installation fees.

C Prime Dental Air Compressor
Low noise dental air compressor:

Low noise does not translate to low quality

Champion design and manufacture a range of silent compressors for small workshops, light industrial, and other similar uses. We have specially developed our quiet piston compressors to meet the market demands. Quiet by design, our silenced piston compressors offer reliable, economical, and efficient performance whilst being easy to maintain and operate.

We have engineered these cost-effective piston compressors to offer the user a high quality and durable product that offers amazing value for money. They are available on a base or tank with an integrated dryer.

Champion's range of silent air compressors:

At Champion, we offer a range of efficient, high-quality and high-performance air compressor products, accessories and equipment, including silent air compressors. We offer a variety of silent air compressors, including our:

FM 2 to 7.5 KW Small Screw Air Compressors:
These are low-noise oil-lubricated compressors that utilise optimised air and cooling techniques, which allow for installation at the point of use, reducing the need for additional piping or storage. They are the ideal solution for garages and light industry, as they are stand-alone units with a horizontal air receiver with an on-board refrigeration dryer. 

Oil-Free Dental:
Our oil-free dental piston compressors also fall under the category of silent or low-noise air compressors, as they operate quietly without compromising performance efficiency, productivity or air quality. 

Silenced & Petrol Powered:
Champion's range of silenced or petrol-powered reciprocating compressors has been designed to satisfy market demand for systems that are silenced or for situations where total mobility is essential. These silent air compressors are reliable, economical solutions that are easy to maintain and use.

Base, Line, Pro, Advanced Series:
This extensive range of piston compressors are efficient, low-noise solutions that you can rely on for the consistent delivery of high-quality compressed air. Again, they are ideal for use in garages and light industry due to their ability to effectively power air tools. This series of compressors includes a large variety of power, stage and drive options to ensure we can provide the perfect solution for everybody.

Rotary Vane Compressors:
Champion's range of rotary vane air compressors is a small-footprint solution that provides high-quality, clean air without the use of gears or a belt – resulting in a low-maintenance, low-noise compressed air system. They are ideal for use in workshop and light industrial applications where the compressor air outlet needs to be situated near the point of use.

For more information on any of our available silent air compressors, please contact us.