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Need a small air compressor for your garage or workshop? Looking for a plug and play solution that offers industry-leading design without the hefty price tag? Champion have a range of air compressors for sale that do just this. 

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The Champion portfolio 
Champion’s portfolio is designed to provide a range of compressed air solutions for customers in small to medium sized businesses including professional and industrial applications. With a huge range of technologies to suit your needs including rotary screw, piston, vane, scroll, and portable, our product offering is diverse and flexible to meet your exact requirements. Plus, we offer a complete downstream equipment and air treatment product range to help complete your installation and offer you the very best results, air quality, and cost-effectiveness. 

Fixed vs Variable Speed Technology
Our compressors are available in both fixed and variable speed solutions to help you meet the demand of your business. Fixed speed compressors are ideal for customers who have a fixed amount of compressed air they need to produce. This will yield the most efficient results for their application. 

However, we know that demand can change depending on time of year, industry factors, and a whole range of other variables that affect the need for supply. If this sounds like you then a variable speed compressor could provide the most energy efficient performance. This is because they use a specially designed technology called Variable Speed Drive to alter the speed of the motor to match with the output demand. This results in less wasted energy and more money saved whilst being a more environmentally friendly option too!

Our approach to design
We know that air compressors are a key component for many businesses in manufacturing, service centres, processing plants, vehicle repair, and a whole manner of other professions and sectors. 

More than just a financial investment, compressors are the backbone of your industry, the workhorse behind your profession. That’s why every compressor in our product range is designed to perform under severe conditions whilst still offering reliability and comprehensive performance. 

Our approach focuses on modularity, energy efficiency, low operating costs, reduced maintenance, and ease of installation and operation. We are dedicated to delivering an end product that offers consistent, high quality air at an affordable price! 

Why buy an air compressor from Champion?
Champion offers quality and performance at an affordable price tag, allowing our customers in both small and medium sized businesses access to professional, industry quality compression technology without costing a fortune. Our products are invested in and developed year on year to ensure that we are always delivering the latest, cutting-edge technology and performance at the lowest cost of ownership. 

Just some of the reasons our customers trust us include: 

  • Quality and functional products
  • High level of customer care
  • Competitive pricing
  • Local presence 
  • Quick delivery
  • Cost effective performance 
  • Flexibility to your requirements
  • Fully trained engineers and staff
  • Service oriented 

Industries and applications 
Champion compressors are the first choice for many small to medium sized businesses who are looking for quality and performance without breaking the bank! Our high quality products go above and beyond to offer the best efficiency possible with a low cost of ownership. We are always trying to improve performance and innovate to offer a more sustainable, efficient, and greener solution for our partners in a range of industries. Some of the core industries we work with include vehicle repair, garage and workshop, light industrial, and general industrial.


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Technology types
We have a range of technologies available offering various features and benefits to our customers. Our expert engineers and professional customer service teams are on hand to offer you tailored advice as to which type of compressor will best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us for professional, customer support and guidance to help you make the most out of your installation.

As a general summary, we offer the below product options: 


Screw compressors
Highly efficiency screw compressors offer continuous performance, even in harsh conditions, for a range of applications and tasks. Our single-stage screw technology is available in fixed and variable speed models with a pressure range of 5 to 13 bar and iE3 motors from 2.2kW to 132kW.

Piston compressors 
Durable and long lasting, our piston compressors are available as lubricated or oil free models and offer low noise levels without compromising on performance. Engineered with high quality pistons that offer extended performance in challenging conditions, piston technology is extremely flexible. These units are suitable for a range of applications in both workshop and light industrial environments. 

Rotary vane compressors
Ideal for point of use applications due to their low noise qualities, our vane compressors produce high quality, clean and dry air with minimal moving parts making them extremely low maintenance. They also offer a small and compact design ideal for workshops or smaller factories and repair shops. Available in a range of options to suit your needs, our vane units are backed by years of experience bringing vane technology into the twenty first century.

Portable Compressors
The perfect solution for mobile applications on-the-go, portable compressors allow you to complete work in remote settings such as for construction, repair, and installation jobs. Often used to power air tools such as an air impact wrench, portable compressors can be used to generate high quality air for a range of applications. Compact and lightweight for easy portability, they also offer low emissions and electric start-up as standard.  

Scroll Compressors
Oil free scroll compressors use no oil anywhere in the compressor and so are a fantastic option for applications where air purity and hygiene are crucial. Alongside delivering contaminant free air, our scroll models also provide high energy efficiency and quiet operation - the complete package for clean air applications.
For more information on our product offering including design and benefits, technical data, and downloads, please select the technology type below for a detailed breakdown. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to speak with a professional member of our team who will be happy to help.