Champion Rotary Vane Air Compressors

Designed to suit a variety of industries and applications, our Champion rotary vane technologies are the ideal solution for optimum performance, efficiency and flexibility. The design of our rotary vane air compressors embodies our dedication to manufacturing high-quality, reliable solutions. This is evident as each rotary vane unit provides up to 100,000+ operating hours due to their innovative low-speed direct drive design. Not only does this make them simple to operate, but it also guarantees low noise levels, as well as the continuous production of high-quality clean, dry air!

Our range of rotary vane solutions includes our CMPV01-CMPV04 models, which are small and compact, making them ideally suited to the workshop and light industrial applications where close proximity to the point of use is essential. Champion's expert team of compressed air engineers have ensured that our rotary vane technology offers only the highest levels of efficiency and energy savings to help you maximise the productivity of your operations.

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