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Champion air compressors are specially designed to excel in any demanding automotive environment, and are created for applications which are required to perform maintenance tasks on numerous vehicles simultaneously – e.g. paint spraying. Whether it is a small touch-up or a complete re-spray, a particular type of compressor is required to ensure the right amount of pressure is released with virtually no moisture.

Typical Applications

Spray guns, blowguns, air impact wrenches, air drills, air chisels… all commonplace items within the automotive workshop environment - service departments and repair facilities. These tools are essential in performing everyday tasks, and so a totally reliable, compact compressor designed specifically to meet the needs of this industry is a must-have requirement.

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Tank Mounted Options Available

Humidity can cause significant issues, especially for booths and paint tools – so it is vital to have a source of clean air for all operations. The tank-mounted Champion compressors are compact, which makes them perfect for workshops with limited space, and with integrated dryers, low-noise levels and low carbon footprint, they are the stand out choice, as they offer a reliable and continuous supply of quality compressed air from complete peace of mind.

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